Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad could be a problem if used incorrectly.

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Former Sir Alex Ferguson right-hand man Steve McClaren thinks the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad could be a problem if used incorrectly.

         Portugal’s star returns to Manchester United again this season with hopes of bringing the team back to greatness again. Where he continued to score goals for the team but at the same time there were disappointing games such as And there have been criticisms over the signing that has affected Jadon Sancho to the fullest.

         In McClaren’s view, Ronaldo has pushed the team hard with his body language to show off, but Solskjaer has to control his attitude. Otherwise it can be a problem too.

         “You can see from his body language. You saw it from the game against Atalanta, he drives the team. It reminds me that it’s a bit like Roy Keane,” McClaren told the Performance podcast.

         “He’s an outspoken, outspoken person, but I saw the body language I wanted more from these players. we have to do more Bringing it to the dressing room like that can destroy you. He can do it, he can do it.”

         “All you have to do is use him. He’s the solution, but he’s also a problem. If you can’t deal with him properly that might be a problem for the manager.

         “There are many ways to do it. Bring Ronaldo to the team so they can play as a team. They are not currently playing as a team. When you look at Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, you see the team. As unique as the way they play, Ole brought in Ronaldo as the number nine searching for that formula.”