Jermaine Genus: Tottenham problems and season’s heartbreaking conclusion

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Jermaine Genus: Tottenham problems and season’s heartbreaking conclusion.

In fact, before Antonio Conte broke down. Criticize team members and clubs in the media. It should be considered that Spurs are at a point where they are not ugly and have a chance to win a full UEFA Champions League ticket.

They have lost just one of their last five league games in that period, but it was overshadowed by two cup failures, an FA Cup fifth-round exit, 0 to second-tier side Sheffield United. -1 and eliminated in the Round of 16 of the Champions League, losing to AC Milan with an aggregate score of 0-1 (0-1 away, 0-0 at home).

  • This is a rough CV of a 48-year-old Italian coach

    2010–2011 Assistant coach Siena

    2011–2012 Assistant coach Juventus

    2015–2017 Youth team coach Genoa

    2017 Coach Alessandria (Italy 3rd Division)

    2019–2021 assistant coach Inter Milan

    2021–2023 assistant coach Spurs

It may be true that Stellini has in charge of Spurs on a single flight this season. While Conte has had surgery and is recovering.

but until here It’s said to a bad decision for Levy. When the result after using Stellini as “Acting Head Coach” was…

  • Everton 1-1 away,

    Brighton 2-1 home, Bournemouth

    2-3 home,

    Newcastle 1-6 away.

Lost two games in a row Especially the latest on Sunday, which is probably considered the most “humiliating game” in the feeling of the Golden Spur chicken cheerleaders. 

In the past several years, because only 20 minutes the Spurs have been ripped apart 5-0

1-0 Jacob Murphy 2nd

2-0 Cholinton 6th

3-0 Jacob Murphy 9th

4-0 Alexander Isak n. 19

5-0 Alexander Isak n.21

Although the second half was a little better, Harry Kane hit the egg, chasing away at 49, but still did not lose another grain for Callum Wilson at 67.

even in terms of rank This defeat will not hurt much as Spurs are still ranked fifth with 53 points from 32 matches.

But in evaluating that possibility It’s almost closing the door on Spurs’ Champions League ticket. Down here because it puts Spurs behind Newcastle and Manchester United by 6 points — in a situation where Newcastle Cels play less than one game and Manchester United played two less.

“Too late to solve anything.”

In the opinion of Jermaine Ginas, a former Tottenham and Newcastle player, he sees Spurs putting themselves in trouble.

The first is to choose to use Stellini, not investing with a good new coach.

and next is When the scars spread and spread It’s hard to find something to cover up in time.

Former England midfielder Commenting he said: “Everyone at Tottenham is probably talking about trying to fight and co-operate. After the humiliating defeat at Newcastle, but I felt that It’s too late.”

“The team’s momentum is now completely skewed in the wrong direction. And obviously the players don’t trust each other anymore.

“They showed their random play. and in confusion But it’s nothing too surprising considering I’ve seen them all season. For me, it’s a reflection of what’s happening off the pitch. Lack of a clear direction from above.”

“It’s nothing complicated, with Tottenham playing poorly in the moment. When everything is tumultuous. from top to bottom Everything is in complete chaos.”