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Liverpool battle Amrabat with Man United

Fiorentina ‘s Moroccan midfielder Sofiane Amrabat is set to be at the center of the fierce competition between Liverpool and Manchester United this summer. Amrabat played particularly prominently at the 2022 World Cup. At the end of the year, where agents have previously revealed that Manchester United tried to make an approach

Liverpool insult to Mason Mount in the summer market.

Liverpool insult to Mason Mount in the summer market. It is reporte that Liverpool must be very on strengthening the army in the summer market. Mason Mount’s new contract talks with Chelsea in the Premier League are looking positive. According to the UFABET. The 24-year-old’s contract at Stamford Bridge expires in June

Richards warns youngsters stats about spending money.

Micah Richards footballer England defender Warn football’s newcomers. About the dangers of becoming rich overnight by exemplifying himself.          The 33-year-old former footballer was a boyhood figure at Manchester City. Before moving into the first team with a big cut in his contract. Which the